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8 ways to grow closer to God this summer

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Credit: Jonah McKeown/CNA

6. Listen to a faith-based podcast.

Doing some yard work, a house project, or just taking the kids to the pool? Consider listening to a faith-based podcast while you check the items off your to-do list. There are so many great ones to choose from including “Bible in a Year,” “Abiding Together,” “Catholic Answers Focus,” “Pints with Aquinas,” “Abundantly Yours Podcast,” and so many more.

7. Take part in community service.

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If you’re looking for a way to fill extra time you might have this summer or to do something meaningful, consider taking part in community service or volunteering at a nonprofit organization. Many places such as pregnancy resources centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, and more are looking for help. Many say it is in these places where one can be most like Christ for others.

This summer, consider taking part in community service, volunteering at a nonprofit organization, or joining a ministry at your local parish. Credit: Courtesy of RDNE Stock project from Pexels

8. Enjoy fellowship by joining a group at your parish.

Grow in fellowship this summer by joining a group at your parish. A majority of parishes have a great variety of ministries you can join ranging from moms’ groups to crafting groups to team sports such as soccer and ultimate frisbee. So take a look at what your parish offers and consider joining the one that most interests you — or consider starting your own!

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