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‘It’s filled me with so much hope’: National Eucharistic Pilgrimage passes through Wisconsin

“I get to watch revival happening in front of me,” he said. “It’s filled me with so much hope just to see the way that people are responding to the pilgrims and responding to Jesus Christ.”

“The Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ,” he said. “People who come to church can be receiving him — to feed your soul.”

When asked what it meant to her, an older woman who attended the procession said it gave her “great pleasure and peace.” 

The golden monstrance was the only sun on the gray morning, a sunburst of gold pursued by those pilgrims who gave up their Wednesday morning to walk with the Lord through their city. 

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When asked what it meant for him to be a part of the procession, a middle-aged man explained that it was about expressing his faith with his community. 

“I think it means being a part of a community, being part of a family, exercising my faith, trying to show not just myself but my family as well that this is something that’s important,” he said. 

“Bishops along the routes have just uttered surprise at how many people have come out for processions, for Masses, for confession, for adoration, but also service to the poor,” Bishop Donald Hying of Madison told “EWTN News Nightly” in reference to the pilgrimages across the nation. 

Hying told “EWTN News Nightly” that for anyone who struggles with the Real Presence — the belief that the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ — he suggests going back to John chapter 6, the Eucharistic discourse. 

“He makes this extraordinary promise that those who eat of his flesh and drink his blood will live forever,” Hying said. “So, the Eucharist for us is this great antidote to eternal death.”

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