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50th baby saved thanks to ‘safe haven’ boxes in U.S.

When a child is placed inside, a silent alarm is activated and emergency personnel respond within minutes. The baby receives medical care and is then put up for adoption. To date, these boxes are available in 17 states.

The 50th baby

Montgomery County, Kentucky, Fire Capt. Zachary Adams reported that on June 17, “we were honored and blessed to have a baby surrendered” at their station. “The baby boy was surrendered and appeared to be in good health and was transported to our local hospital,” he said.

“We want to thank Gateway Right to Life for making this possible and Montgomery County Kiwanis for 100% funding of this project! There aren’t words to express how happy we are to be part of this opportunity! Words can’t describe it. We weren’t expecting this. I truthfully thought the box would never be used,” Adams said.

Safe haven baby boxes are designed to help parents in a crisis situation give up their children anonymously if they wish, in accordance with their state’s safe haven laws.

The organization’s founder, Monica Kelsey, noted that these boxes are a “last resort” option for mothers and offer an alternative to child abandonment.

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