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Paraguayan bishops speak out at OAS General Assembly amid threats to life and family

“The entire project is developed from a radical feminist viewpoint, it states that women are subjected to a structural system of exclusion and inequality, promoting opposition to men, ignoring the natural complementarity between men and women,” she pointed out.

Election of judges during the assembly

Another pro-life and pro-family advocacy group scheduled to participate in meetings with the heads of delegation of the OAS member states is the Coalition for Human Development of Human Life International (HLI). The organization indicated that this year three judges of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will be elected.

“Of the five candidates nominated by the member states, there are two profiles completely aligned with the principles of the social doctrine of the Church and human dignity, two profiles that imply high risks for life and family, and one profile that, while contrary to life and family, poses a more moderate risk,” HLI stated.

More in Americas

The coalition is promoting the following candidates: Alberto Borea Odría from Peru and Diego Moreno Rodríguez from Paraguay. The candidates who represent the least desirable options in relation to life and family were identified as Leticia Bonifaz Alonso from Mexico and Ricardo César Pérez Manrique from Uruguay. Carlos Rodríguez Mejía, from Colombia, is considered to be a moderate risk in these policy dimensions.

Both the Paraguayan Bishops’ Conference and Insfrán called on the OAS deliberations in Paraguay to contribute to the good of nations, protect the most vulnerable sectors, care for the environment, and combat transnational organized crime.

This story was first published by ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner. It has been translated and adapted by CNA.

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