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Knights of Columbus announce charity fund has surpassed $100 million in grants

Dennis Gerber, the president of the fund, said in the press release this week that the $100 million milestone is “a dream realized.”

“And for KCCF to achieve this charitable impact in just five years is very encouraging for our work going forward,” Gerber said. 

“While this is an outstanding milestone, we believe it is just the first of many in our work of building a powerful new engine for supporting the Church and our communities.”

The fund has more than $120 million in assets under management, the press release said. It has “distributed over 11,000 grants to more than 2,000 organizations” across North America as well as Europe and Asia.

Among the group’s initiatives include the Ukraine Solidarity Fund, which works to provide shelter, food, medical supplies, and other necessities to Ukrainian families amid that country’s war with Russia. 

The charity works with the Christian Refugee Relief Fund, which offers humanitarian assistance to Christians at risk of persecution, particularly in the Middle East. 

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