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Democrats pledge millions to fight pro-life laws in GOP-leaning states

“Viewpoint discrimination is a particularly insidious form of content discrimination, taking place when the government targets ‘particular views taken by speakers on a subject,’” the court wrote. “The court concludes that plaintiffs have plausibly alleged that both regulations may be viewpoint-based.”

Michigan court blocks 24-hour waiting period law

A Michigan district judge issued a preliminary ruling to block a state law requiring a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion.

The ruling also blocked aspects of Michigan law requiring abortionists to provide a woman with information on her baby’s gestational age, a depiction of what the baby looks like at that stage, as well as information on the risks associated with childbirth and abortion.

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Judge Sima Patel issued the opinion on Tuesday in which she wrote that the mandatory waiting period and uniform informed consent rules are unconstitutional based on a “reproductive freedom” amendment that was passed by voters in 2022.

“The 24-hour waiting period forces needless delay on patients after they are able to consent to a procedure, thus burdening and infringing upon a patient’s access to abortion care,” Patel wrote.

Though Patel’s decision is just a preliminary one, her ruling means that the law requiring the 24-hour waiting period and mandatory pregnancy information will be blocked while the case works its way through the courts.

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