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‘Hell on earth’ SCIAF call on climate action from Scottish Government

SCOTLAND “risks playing our part on making this planet hell on earth” those are the words of a SCIAF officer, as they call for the Government to step up with their plans to tackle the effects.

This comes after the Scottish Government has announced its plans to ditch its targets of reducing carbon emissions.

Anne Callaghan, an advocacy officer at SCIAF, has emphasised the dire consequences of the climate crisis affecting millions, particularly in vulnerable regions like Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Zambia. These areas are currently experiencing severe impacts from climate change, including life-threatening conditions and significant losses to livelihood and property due to hunger, flooding, and drought.

She said: “Rich countries like Scotland have caused the climate emergency with our emissions, both now and in the past, and have benefited economically from using fossil fuels. Scientists tell us that we must cut emissions now or we risk making our world even more unliveable.

She continued: “The Scottish Government needs to step up and deliver a just transition to a low carbon economy. Without an emergency response that delivers at pace, we risk playing our part in making this planet hell on earth.”

Each year generous Scots give up a favourite treat such as coffee, chocolate, wine or crisps during Lent and put the money they save into a Wee Box. They then donate it at Easter to provide help to vulnerable communities worldwide, struggling to survive due to hunger, poverty and the climate emergency.

The charity’s yearly appeal, this time focused on the people of Rwanda, 30 years after the genocide which left around one million people dead. Lorraine Currie, SCIAF’s chief executive said this year’s Lenten was appeal “so important.”

“There are so many wars and tragic things happening all over our world, which we witness every day on our television screens. But there are also ongoing struggles and injustices in countries across the world that we don’t hear much about, like in Rwanda,” she said.

“SCIAF’s work across Rwanda, driven by donations from the people of Scotland, focuses on supporting women and girls who have suffered abuse and discrimination. Working through local Rwandan organisations, SCIAF is supporting projects which help women and girls rebuild their lives, change social attitudes, and build a better future for themselves and their families,” Currie continued.

Ricky Ross and Lorraine McIntosh – of Scots band Deacon Blue – helped launch the Wee Box Appeal.

“Having seen first-hand some of the programs that SCIAF are involved in made us realize how important it is to support the ongoing work of SCIAF,” Ross said. “We are continually amazed at the difference that the WEE BOX makes, even tiny amounts make a huge change.”

Pope Francis blessed the Wee Box, when he met the secretary general of Caritas Internationalis, Alistair Dutton last month.

Dutton wrote on Twitter that the Pope was more than happy to bless the box, by the Lenten appeal, “‘Adelente’ he encouraged!”.

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